Modus Operandi

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  • Collection and procuring the original versions of the pious scriptures as; Ved, Shastras, Upanishads, Puranas and Siddha Stotras. Also Aagm-pitake, Geeta and all the related literature which is either based on the above or originated from it.
  • To research the origin of the comments/ commentary( Bhaashya) available on the above and its relation, reference and relevance with the Mantras, Shlokas, Vakyas(texts) and comments (bhashyas). Finally its linkage with the contemporary faculty of study.
  • Decoding, Deciphering and Documenting the hidden meanings (Garbhitaarth) of the ancient literature and also mantras, Shabdas and therefore treasures which still remain in an undiscovered state. Bringing those to the benefit of common people in an understandable form and language. A subject wise analytic mode shall be adopted.
  • In doing so, many undiscovered, unanticipated yet very important links and literature are expected to come across. After due initial processing on it, sharing of such retrieved treasure with the concerned research fraternity, scientists and institutions for the further needful.
  • Motivating students with research inclination to pursue Doctoral, Post-Doctoral research and studies in the Indian scientific and spiritual heritage domain.
  • Conducting interactions, study classes, lectures and lecture series, seminars, symposiums, local/ regional/state/national/ international events, competitions, exhibitions, camps, study tours, mass campaign- physical or digital etc., for accomplishing the aims and objectives.
  • Publishing documents like research reports, brochures, pamphlets, periodicals books, e-books, audio clips, CDs, VCDS, DVDs, Short films etc. for learning and teaching the heritage.
  • Bringing out the contents, facts, truths and the merits of the Indian heritage to voluntarily help the concerned policy makers to rectify the incorrect picture and to present real and glorious facts about the rich heritage of our beloved motherland.