Board of Studies


Dr. S. M. Pande

M.Sc. ,  Ph.D.


Prof. M. V. Deshpande

M.Sc. Chem.

Mining Geology

Shri. S. V. Deshpande

M.Sc. Geology

civil engineering

Dr. A. S. Nene

M.Tech, Ph.D

electrical engineering

Prof. N. M. Deshkar

B.E. , M.Tech

e&tc engineering

Shri. Anurag A. Deshpande

B.E , M.E  (Full Time Research Scholar)

Social science

Dr. S. D. Tatwadi

M.Sc. Mathematics


Adv. P. Ganorkar

B.Com LLM.


Acharya Shreyas C. Kurhekar

M.A Eng, M.A Veda (Full Time Research Scholar)

Foreign Affairs

Sh. Piyush Bhirangi

Member of Coordination Committee

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