Mission for Development and Divinity Trust, Nagpur

Jagatguru Shri Devnath Institute of Vedic Science and Research (JSDIVSR) is an initiative started in 2018 under the aegis of Mission for Development and Divinity trust- a 80-G I-T sanctioned & registered charitable trust based at Nagpur-MS PN/CIT(Exempt)/Tech/80G/109/2016-17/2015 Registration No: 2026-(Nagpur)
devnath maharaj

Our Inspiration

Parabrahma Maharudra Jagatguru Shri Devnath Maharaj

Shrinath Peeth- Shri Devnath Math,
Surji- Anjangaon,
District: Amravati, Maharshtra

Our Philosopher & Patron

P.P. Acharya ShriJitendranath Maharaj

Shrinath Peethadhishwar, 
  Shri Devnath Math, Surji-Anjangaon,
District: Amravati. Maharashtra

Special Invitee

P.P. Sau. Renuka Maibai

Shri Devnath Peetham

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Voluntary participation as a member (honorary/ full time/ part time) is invited from persons from wide variety of faith, traditions and cultural backgrounds, hospitals, old age homes, emergency services, defense forces, schools, universities, workplaces and community. All are welcome!
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To carry out research, acquire knowledge from treasures of ancient vedic science in the field of Spirituality, Basic science, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Medical science, Technology, Management etc. and transfer the same to all mankind for the Kalyanam (holistic wellness) of the world in such a way that it can be understood and appreciated by one and all.


To develop this vedic science and research centre into global place of excellence for vedic correlation and related studies that shall facilitate scholars and researchers in their study with the help of references and citations available with centre so as to simplify and disseminate ancient vedic knowledge in society reestablishing the glory of vedic science.

We are here

Plot No: 12 B, Wanjari nagar, Nagpur ,India - 440003
Phone numbers: +91-73875-19003
e-Mail ID: contact@jsdivsr.in