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JSDIVSR in association with the Ministry of Education, Government of India is conducting a webinar on Darshan Shastra: Its Significance in Day-to-Day Life on 11th July 2021.
The webinar will be conducted by Prof. Madhusudan Penna and the Chief Guest will be Prof. Ganti S. Murthy.

Watch webinar video on ‘VYAKARAN SHASTRA : Its’ importance in Modern Age by Prof. Malhar Kulkarni

JSDIVSR in association with INDIAN KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM (Ministry of Education), Government of India is conducted a webinar on Bhautik Shastra on 16th May 2021.
The webinar will be conducted by Dr C.S.R Prabhu and the Chief Guest will be Prof Virendra Kumar Tewari.

In line with its mission, JSDIVSR in association with Indian Knowledge System(Ministry of Education, Govt.of India) is conducting a webinar on ‘Vidhishastra: In Modern Perspective’ on 25th April 2021.
The webinar will be conducted by Prof.Santosh Kumar Shukla (Dean of School of Sanskrit and Indic Studies, JNU, New Delhi) and the Chief Guest will be Shri. Ashok Arora (Sr.Lawyer, Former Secretary Supreme Court Bar, Delhi).

Webinar on “Ayurveda Shastra-Vedic world view” by #DrMalaKapadia Director, Wellness Practice Rashtram School of Public Leadership with eminent presence of Parimal Rai, Chief Secretary, Goa in association with Ministry of Education and  AICTE  on 21st Mar’21 @ 5:30 pm IST   For Teaser visit 

 Webinar on ‘AAHARSHASTRA’ by Dr. Ranjana Waghralkar is one of the researched topics of Ancient Indian Wisdom simplified for better understanding. 

To watch webinar visit

Webinar on ‘VIMAANASHASTRA’ by Kavya Vaddadi is one of the researched topics of Ancient Indian Wisdom simplified for better understanding. We Welcome and also invite you all to the series of webinars on Ancient Indian Wisdom with efforts from either side to glorify the Indian Knowledge.

 You can watch Webinar on youtube for that visit

जगद्गुरु श्रीदेवनाथ वेदविद्यालय

devnath maharaj

Our Inspiration

Parabrahma Maharudra Jagatguru Shri Devnath Maharaj

Shrinath Peeth- Shri Devnath Math,
Surji- Anjangaon,
District: Amravati, Maharshtra

Our Philosopher & Patron

P.P. Acharya ShriJitendranath Maharaj

Shrinath Peethadhishwar, 
  Shri Devnath Math, Surji-Anjangaon,
District: Amravati. Maharashtra

Special Invitee

P.P. Sau. Renuka Maibai

Shri Devnath Peetham


Vedic Studies course opens new horizon in the life.. Provide opportunities to reestablish our culture and Vedic education system for propagation of pure thinking towards future🔮 of new generation.. My family members happy to enroll more youngsters in learning... Marvelous effort.. Naman.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Gajendra Singh Kotesa
Really it was a great opportunity for all of us to learn at our premises at our conviening time.... who gets this facility?... really some punya behind it... To learn these short coiurses we should go to Guru's place at their available time which is very difficult now a days because of work anf family matters. JSDIVSR has broken all these barriers and made available for learners.... It is our Bhagya... that's all I cxan say🙏
K S Mohanbabu


To carry out research, acquire knowledge from treasures of ancient vedic science in the field of Spirituality, Basic science, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Medical science, Technology, Management etc. and transfer the same to all mankind for the Kalyanam (holistic wellness) of the world in such a way that it can be understood and appreciated by one and all.


To develop this vedic science and research centre into global place of excellence for vedic correlation and related studies that shall facilitate scholars and researchers in their study with the help of references and citations available with centre so as to simplify and disseminate ancient vedic knowledge in society reestablishing the glory of vedic science.

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