Webinar on Bhautik Shastra


Upcoming Webinar on “Bhautik Shastra: Physics in Vaisheshik Sutras”

16th May 2021 at 5:00 PM

on Youtube Channel: JSDIVSR,NAGPUR


Jagatguru Shri Devnath Institute of Vedic Science And Research, Nagpur (“JSDIVSR“) is a recognised institution, working on its mission to carry out research in the field of Vedic Science. It is our constant endeavour to spread the researched knowledge for the benefit of society.

In line with its mission, JSDIVSR in association with INDIAN KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM (Ministry of Education), Government of India is conducting a webinar on Bhautik Shastra on 16th May 2021.
The webinar will be conducted by Dr C.S.R Prabhu and the Chief Guest will be Prof Virendra Kumar Tewari.